Other genres??

Wassup? Sorry, no new full post today, no excuses, I’ve just been working. I had a question though. Can anyone out there in internet-land recommend any RPG movies?

I’ve been compiling my list, and I was wondering if there existed any non-fantasy RPG movies? There are sooo many different genres of RPGs. Pulp, Cyberpunk, Urban Fantasy (which comes in both Vampire and Faerie flavors), not to mention whatever Don’t Rest Your Head is.

There is so much unused potential for different genres or even cross-genre clashes! A group of Vampire LARPers get the crap kicked out of them with boffer weapons. A bunch of CCG players are ostracized by role-players (Yes, I am currently watching Gamers: Hands of Fate, episodically on youtube, I highly recommend it). Both are great opportunities for lots and lots of papercuts!


2 comments on “Other genres??

  1. Nathan says:

    Congrats on Getting 100 views and what not. though that was quite some time ago. so i suppose sorry i’m late….

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