An update with GOOD News.

Happy Holidays my robot brethren. So, this time off has been good for me. I’ve recharged, I’ve thought about some new projects, and I’ve been jonesing for an RPG to play with people like my last hit was years ago. My Christmas shopping finally got in, but the best of my purchases was something I got for myself. A graphics tablet!



Aren’t I beautiful?

I wanted to tell you guys, this is a big leap for me. My “big project” that I’m working on is a change up to video reviews. I’ve had some arguments in my head on how to do it though. My current camera set up is too harsh to do what I wanted. Then I thought, “why not do it as the Goblin?”. But the second issue there is my audio set up. My best friend has a $400 set up he’s been working on, but he lives two towns over these days, and works too much.

I’ll get it down eventually.

But until then, I’m going to keep taking it slow.

Hey, none of you have given me any stories to work with. Comments, people. You’re starving me. I need attention a lot. I’m going to go run with scissors. Until next time, see ya cyborgs!


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