In response to The Gentleman Gamer

The other day, The Gentleman Gamer (the suavely voiced VtM expert) posted a video about how D&D isn’t a good game to start off new players with.

While I can understand why he said what he did, and I agree at times, I have to counterpoint him here.

He says that the amount of books you need to play it, and the contents of said books can be daunting to new players. Yes. But yours truly learned D&D by myself with only one other friend who had never played before. We sussed it out over the course of a couple of afternoons in highschool.

The complexity of D&D I think is actually a good thing. If you start on D&D, and you master it, then nothing else can phase you. If you start players off with a very simple game and they get comfortable with that, then you will most likely meet resistance when trying to bring them to a different system, especially one with more “crunch”.

Another interesting benefit of D&D is it’s ¬†malleability, and based on your DMing style, you can prepare players for other games. If you want to stick to dungeoncrawls or war simulations, then you can introduce your players to different types of battle games with less resistance. If you play it very story heavy, or political intrigue-y, you can move onto games like Vampire or noir, or detective games.

I don’t really have closing thoughts. Umm…..Read any good sourcebooks lately?

Here’s the video I’m referring to, by the way:


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