My campaign, my maps, and me

So, let’s just chill for a while and shoot the breeze. I’m still working on getting my 3.5 game together. I’m looking at a Healer Elf, a Kender Rogue, possibly either a Human Sorcerer or Bard, and I’ll need to toss in a GMPC to fill out the party balance though.

I thought I’d share my campaign seed, in case anybody was interested. I’m not ALL talk, you know.

The game will start at the funeral of a great warrior named Kilvarough Harmonsen, also known as “Kilvarough Orc-Friend” or “Kilvarough the Key. Bandits attack the funeral, and attempt to steal the body. The campaign will center on the history of this one warrior, and the players will learn more about him as they travel, possibly building to a culminating battle with the guy’s arch-nemesis.

Here’s what I wrote about Kilvarough, this’ll be a bit of a long one. If you’re one of my players…you don’t read my blog anyway:

Kilvarough Harmonsen grew up in the small hamlet of Honeymill, the son of Harmon Jaeksen, the mayor of Honeymill, and his wife, former royal courtesan Beritzia Roth.
Harmon struck a deal with several bands of orcs that lived in the surrounding plains. They wouldn’t raid, and they could work in the village as farmhands, guards, and any other work they wanted. Harmon and the chief Orcs, Rocksplitter and Three-Eye, were great friends, and often hunted together, bringing along young Kilvarough. On day, they were tracking a group of deer through a forest to the west of Honeymill, and the village was attacked by a Black Dragon named Throdenoth (Many-Toothed) and a small group of mercenaries. The men arrived, leaving Kilvarough hidden safely in the forrest. They fought The dragon and his men, eventually winning out, but it was too late to save the village, and it was left burned to the ground, and over half the village was killed. Beritzia survived, but if she knew how, she wouldn’t tell anyone.

They retrieved their son, and struck out to find a new place to call home. The orc chieftains went their separate ways as well. Harmon became an adviser to King Halva VII of Rebloss Kingdom. Kilvarough trained to be a warrior in the Kings guard.

Quickly advancing through the ranks, he became one of the most valuable men in the guard. Another of the advisers of the King, however, was a sorceror by the name of Silasso Venethel (He later changed his name to Vorastrix Tibur-Silasso [Draconic for “The sorcerer once known as Silasso”]). Silasso was once the apprentice of Throdenoth, and boded his time, waiting until the perfect moment to strike back at Harmon who, while now older and weaker, was protected by the king same as he. He almost succeeded, poisoning him during a great party held commemorating the visit of Three-Eye, one of Harmons oldest friends. He fell ill that night, and Silasso caused a panic that pinned the blame on Three-Eye’s men, almost causing a war between Rebloss and the orc nations until Kilvarough spoke up, delivering a speech that spoke of his childhood and the friendship that Three-Eye and his father had, this speech gained him the name “Orc-friend”. Silasso disappeared, and Kilvarough persued him for years, eventually killing him with the help of Three-Eye and Rocksplitter. Now, his quest complete, and far away from Rebloss kingdom, he made home in Churne, a small village where he spent the rest of his life, defending it, becoming the “Keystone” of the village.

At the end of his life, Kilvarough didn’t realize that Silasso hadn’t been killed, but he’d survived and become the lich Vorastrix.

On the day of his funeral, bandits allied with draconic creatures raided the village, kidnapping his granddaughter, and “trying” to steal the casket. Vosrastrix wants the body of his fallen enemy to use in an ancient magic that could turn him from a lich into a true dragon like he always wanted.


You may have noticed that I’m not great at naming things. If you have any better names for anything, lemme know.

In other news, I’m going to try and make my own 3D dungeon walls for my game. A friend of mine (my friendly local game store owner) gave me some tips. I’ll document the process when I do it, so…that’ll be cool…

kerrik sad

See you next time…


5 comments on “My campaign, my maps, and me

  1. Canthelpbutlaugh says:

    Commenting on your blog. I also play tabletop, but I didn’t have to read. I’ll come back later.

  2. Araytha says:

    Never played tabletop before but it does seem like a good entry to the game. can you link me some info on how to play etc?

    • Goblin Gilmartin says:

      Glad I could inspire you! Well, “how to play” is a really broad subject. Every RPG out there that wants to make money will explain how their game is played. Some are more clear than others, but they all generally go like this: Step 1: Get a group of friends together, Step 2: decide what game you want to try, Step 3: Learn the rules. My favorite way to do that is to make a character with the guide provided in the book. that way you can get a handle on which rules will actually matter and which ones are just kind of…there. It happens.

      Actual game play usually goes like this: Using the world outlined in the game, the GM (Game Master) will create a scenario, and run your characters through it with you sitting around the table, making the decisions and influencing the story.

      A quick google search brought me this little gem. Maybe it will help.

      • Araytha says:

        Thank you very much, the website is very informative, I’ll take a look over it when i get back from work 🙂

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